Along the South Shore Line Posters

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The South Shore Line, the Indiana commuter train running from South Bend to Chicago, was extremely successful between 1925 and 1929. Ridership increased dramatically, from 1.5 million passengers in 1925 to more than 3 million by 1929.

The line began an intense marketing/advertising campaign to boost ridership. All of this investment and planning worked. South Shore Line employees used various marketing techniques to get the word out about the South Shore train. Staff sent stories of events and destinations along the South Shore Line to local newspapers.

They ran ads emphasizing the speed of trips to Chicago. They created window displays in stations announcing special events and attractions and a miniature exhibition of the South Shore Line. A monthly magazine called South Shore Lines was produced and made available in stations, on the trains, and even by mail.

The iconic and most notable of these publicity efforts, was the series of colorful posters depicting the attractions along the South Shore, especially the Dunes. These posters were exhibited in stations, enticing the viewer to travel to beautiful spots along the South Shore Line. The poster art covered topics such as the Dunes, the four seasons of the South Shore, steelmaking, Notre Dame Football, and general views of northern Indiana.

The South Shore Line continues today as a heavily traveled transportation system, linking Hoosiers with downtown Chicago and Chicagoans with the beaches and attractions of Northwest Indiana.

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