Meet Our Ambassadors 

Becky Bewick - South Shore Ambassador

Becky Bewick

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My name is Becky Bewick, born and raised in Valparaiso, Indiana. From a young age I had passion for art and photography. Photography has become a stress reliever. The Indiana Dunes and Lake Michigan always fascinated me since I was young. As a photographer I chose this as my canvas, nature at my fingertips. I’ve been able to capture the Indiana Dunes, and our national lakeshore, along with our state and local parks for their beautiful qualities.

I’m a proud mom. I enjoy spending time with my family and watching my daughter compete in her equestrian competitions. I love gardening, adventuring, nature, wildlife, etc. As a lifelong Indiana resident I’ve enjoyed exploring and capturing Indiana in many different ways. While on the cusp of empty nesterhood, I’m looking forward to presenting myself more challenges behind the camera.

Karen Cercone - South Shore Ambassador

Karen Cercone

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My name is Karen and I would like to speak to your manager. Ha! I’ve spent the last decade living in Chesterton with my husband, daughter, son and two fur babies. We absolutely love living four miles from the beautiful dunes. There are so many trails for challenging hikes, places to kayak and spots to catch sunsets. I love to eat and drink locally - there are so many unique options around!!

I also work in Porter County as a nurse practitioner. It’s very rewarding to care for people in my community where I live. I’m passionate about capturing and editing photos after a day of exploring the region. All my photos are from iPhone Pro Max 12.

Joanna Cortes - South Shore Ambassador

Joanna Cortes

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I’ve always loved the outdoors. With working four days on, four days off and my daughter being a senior in high school, I have a lot more free time to explore NWI. I love hiking, camping, bike riding, watching sunsets on the beach and kayaking. Last couple of years I’ve also gotten into photography. There is a lot of beautiful scenery this area has to offer and I want to capture it all. I spend a lot of time with my friends and my husband hiking and trying out the local restaurants and coffee shops.

I’m always up for something new. I am a native of Poland and reside in LaPorte with my husband and daughter. I’m excited to share my adventures with everyone on here.

Flo Lawnicki - South Shore Ambassador

Flo Lawnicki

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Photo by @Bryvisuals

Hi, I'm Flo, a proud Midwesterner currently living in Chicago. Learning to live in the moment and appreciate my surroundings has helped me treasure what was in my backyard and truly enriched my life! I started my blog, Flo's Favorites:  Eat, Play, and Stay in the Midwest, while living in Chesterton, Indiana. I wanted an outlet for sharing the many gems and treasures of the Midwest in hopes that others would see the beauty and be inspired to visit or be a tourist in their city!

I love living in Chicago and exploring everything the city offers. In addition, I enjoy spending time along the South Shore exploring the many trails, beaches, eateries, and breweries.  My favorite part is meeting the wonderful residents and business owners in these communities and hearing their stories.  

Hopefully, you'll follow along and connect with me along the way!

Marianne Lee - South Shore Ambassador

Marianne Lee

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As a northwest Indiana resident my entire life, I've always enjoyed being out in nature and uncovering all that this area has to offer. There's always something amazing to do in the region whether it's cruising the endless stretch of area bike trails or riding the miles and miles of Lake Michigan’s lakefront. Viewing the urban decay and discovering the historical significance of area parks and monuments is always a passion of mine. My favorite way to explore is on a bike. I love the unique view I get from the bike seat, along with the added benefits of exercise and wind therapy.

When not out on my bike I work at a local high school helping students with math. In my free time I love to be outside working in my garden. I also enjoy crocheting, photography, traveling and sharing my view of this area with those around me.

Marianne's Blog Posts

Preservation Ride through Gary, Indiana

Preservation Ride through the Miller Neighborhood of Gary

Kara Mackey - South Shore Ambassador

Kara Mackey

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My name is Kara.  By nature, I am incredibly curious. Which is why I get along with kids so well!  By day, I manage Bellaboo's and the Lake County Purdue Extension's Mini 4-H program. By life, I mom two kiddos alongside my theater teacher husband.  Nature, yoga, books, creating and kids (of course!) are my passions. 

It would be my honor to share the dirt I've collected and learn together as we dig into all things parenting, play and kids!  Learn more about me (she/her/hers) and follow my blogs and recommendations at

Kara's Blog Posts

"YES DAY" in NWI - Can Kids Actually Plan a Fun Adventure?

Molly McGuire & Conan - South Shore Ambassadors

Conan, Bentley and Molly McGuirl

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Hi all! My name is Conan and this is my mom Molly. We are just your average dog and dog mom duo living in NWI! My mom is a part-time LDH who loves walking, reading, spending time with her husband (my dog dad) and finding cool new eats in the area, while I am a spoiled rotten corgi who is also an avid fan of walks. I also really like playing tag, chasing rabbits, munching on all the noms and playing with my two fur siblings, Bentley and Karah.

We love all things local and make it a daily habit to go find a new trail to hike and explore whether it be a path in the Indiana Dunes National Park or roaming around downtown Chesterton. My mom also has a thing for a photography, so for even more good local finds, check out

Conan, Bentley and Molly's Blog Posts

A Visit to Sunset Hill Farm County Park

Christine Olson - South Shore Ambassadors

Christine Olson

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After raising two sons in the south suburbs of Illinois, my husband and I headed east to Northwest Indiana for new adventures in 2019!  I followed Along the South Shore’s Facebook page to find places to visit in my new hometown. Our first summer here we enjoyed the concerts in the park, festivals (yum pierogis!), Indiana Dunes, casinos, bicycle trails, great restaurants, and amazing breweries (love craft beer!).  

While COVID affected several of those, we enjoyed take-out and growlers of beer from our local favorites while also visiting the great outdoors of NWI.  I’m excited to be a South Shore Ambassador and can’t wait to share all my new adventures as a Hoosier.

Christine's Blog Posts

Rainy Day Fun along the South Shore Brewery Trail with Out of Town Friends

Julia Perla Huisman

Julia Perla Huisman

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I'm a working mother of three who writes about parenting, faith, health, fashion, and culture in general. I live in Crown Point and love Northwest Indiana for the hidden gem that it is.

Breanne Stover  - South Shore Ambassadors

Breanne Stover

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Hi my name is Breanne, a mother of 6, a wife, an entrepreneur, and a hometown girl.  I’ve spent my adulthood allowing life take me on my adventures.  My goal everyday is to be happy, be healthy, and have fun with my family.  I’ve learned to let go of planning and trying to have that perfect life.  And instead enjoy each moment as it happens and turn it into a positive.  

I hope together we can share ideas, give support and keep on making the world a better place. Creating fun, wholesome adventures for my family and sharing tips along the way. Thanks for taking the time to be a part of my day! Bee Happy, Bee healthy, Bee adventurous!

How To Become An Ambassador 

We’re always looking for South Shore Ambassadors! We want to feature your amazing talents, so we’re looking for people who are exploring, photographing, and posting about the South Shore’s outdoors, attractions, adventures, food, drink, history and culture.

As a South Shore Ambassador, you’ll receive:

  • Along the South Shore swag (t-shirt, beanie, etc.)
  • Gift cards to South Shore attractions, restaurants, breweries, and more.
  • Featured on our website landing page for South Shore Ambassadors
  • Featured on our social media platforms
  • Featured as a guest writer on our blog 

Our goal for the South Shore Ambassador program is to find people who are passionate about the region and want to share all that it has to offer.

We all know and love Northwest Indiana, but what better way to show visitors the South Shore’s best attractions, delicious restaurants, breweries, wineries and a bit of our beauty than with original content from the locals who live it!

Ready To Join The Team?

What you’ll need to do:

  • Fill out the application below
  • Follow us on social channels that you have (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Instagram is required
  • Use the #AlongtheSouthShore and #SouthShoreAmbassador hashtag on your posts
  • Tag us in your South Shore pictures
  • Post regularly about South Shore (5-10 posts representing our brand per month)
  • Optional – write blogs or create “photo journeys,” or other promos (i.e. videos) for our website
  • Do NOT use profanity, vulgar language, nudity or partial nudity in any South Shore Ambassador affiliated pictures or videos

Please complete the form below.

Fill out the application below and let us know who you are, what you enjoy doing along the South Shore, and why you want to be an ambassador. We will make our decisions not based on the followers you have, but rather how passionate you are about the South Shore and how well you represent the region.

Your Photos and Videos

Please upload a couple photos and/or share links to some photos or videos you’d like us to see.

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