I don’t exactly remember how long ago I got into collecting beach glass, but from the first piece I found, I was hooked. Searching for beach glass quickly became one of my favorite things to do. I love to walk the shoreline after a hike to look for treasure hiding in the rocks. It is so calming and I could literally spend hours searching the shore. 

Heart beach glass in rocks by Charlotte Hernandez Green beach glass in rocks by Charlotte Hernandez

My go-to beach seems to be West Beach in the Indiana Dunes National Park, and that’s not because it is the best spot for beach glass, it is just convenient for me. The best place to look for beach glass is on a rocky beach, or just a rocky area on a beach. When the waves push the glass up, it is likely to be caught in the rocks and not be swept back in. I have had luck at nearly every beach along the South Shore, but the rockier the beach, the better.

Red beach glass in rocks by Charlotte Hernandez

I'm a lazy beachcomber. Some people really put in the effort and dig in when they see a pile of rock. I look while I walk along the water and grab what I see. I have found it to be best to walk away from the sun and look for the sparkle. That glint of light is probably beach glass! 

Pile of beach glass by Charlotte Hernandez Pile of beach glass on drift wood by Charlotte Hernandez

I mostly just fill jars with the beach glass I have collected. I recently took a wire wrapping class where Pieces of Jayde helped us to create a beach glass necklace. I have also tried creating some beach glass art with resin. It is all pretty fun, and I hope to do more of it!

Circle beach glass in rocks by Charlotte Hernandez Blue beach glass in rocks by Charlotte Hernandez

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