About The Area

The South Shore area includes the five counties in the northwest corner of Indiana. Lake, Porter and LaPorte Counties rest along the south shore of Lake Michigan. Newton and Jasper Counties are just south of the Kankakee River.

Our region is full of diversity, not only through our residents from a multitude of ethnic and religious backgrounds but through the various natural landscapes and the mix of urban and rural communities you’ll find here.

Throughout the area, you’ll discover bustling downtowns and business corridors, quaint rural communities surrounded by miles of farmland, urban areas redefining who they are and beautiful natural landscapes neighboring towers of industry. 

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The weather is as diverse as the area. We experience four seasons throughout the year, but where one season ends and one begins varies greatly year to year - sometimes day by day! 

The Great Lakes can have quite an influence on our weather patterns, like cooling lake breezes during the summer and lake-effect snow in the winter.

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Suburb of Chicago

With our proximity to Chicago, the influence of the city reflects itself here in “The Region”. We are part big city suburb and part Hoosiers at heart. The local TV channels are Chicago-based, and unlike most of our state, Northwest Indiana is on Central Time, the same as Chicago. Many of our residents commute to the city for work every day, by car or on the South Shore Train. You’ll also see plenty of shirts and hats supporting different Chicago sports teams - “are you a Cubs or Sox fan?” is a common question. 

Indiana Dunes

The area is best known for being home to the Indiana Dunes National Park and State Park along Lake Michigan. The Indiana Dunes is a natural wonder with a variety of landscapes including marshes, woodlands, moraines, dunes, bogs, ponds, savannas and prairies. Visitors from all over come to explore its beaches and trails throughout the year.

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