Mommy's Little Piggy

Saturday, December 17, 2022

Registration begins at 9:30 AM. Contest begins at 10:00 AM.


There are four age groups for participants: ages 4-7, 8-12, 13-17 and 18+. Limit of 30 participants per age category.

18+ Age Category: Contestants will compete against each other. The object is to eat as many plates of mashed potatoes as possible within the allotted time: 3 minutes. An empty plate will be determined at the judge's discretion.

4-7, 8-12, 13-17 Age Category: The winner will be determined by the fastest time in eating one plate of mashed potatoes.

Please bring in canned food/nonperishable items as an entry fee. Items go to the Northwest Indiana Food Bank.

*All past winners are ineligible to win contests.

Contest Rules:

  • Contestants will begin eating their mashed potatoes at the sound of the bell.
  • Contestants must keep their hands under the table until the bell has sounded.
  • Hands may only be used to hold the plate.
  • You may not use your hands or any utensils to eat the mashed potatoes.
  • Contestants will raise their hand when they have finished all their food and a judge will ensure it is completely gone.
  • A judge will perform a "tongue test" to ensure that the winning contestant has swallowed all food.
  • Should there be a tie; contestants will be given an additional serving.
  • Bottled water will be provided during the contest.
  • You will be disqualified should you be unable to keep your food down.
  • The event schedule is subject to change depending on the # of participants we will need to accommodate.
  • These rules are subject to change at any time.


  • Starting prematurely as determined by the judge.
  • Unfair or poor sportsmanship acts as determined by the judge.
  • Refusal to meet any contest rules stated by the judge.
  • Judges will be on hand to assure adherence to contest rules. The judge's decision is final.

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