There are exciting things happening along the South Shore Brewery Trail in Northwest Indiana! You might notice some changes when you visit our microsite to map out your trip to the many great breweries in our area. Since May 11 – 17 is American Craft Beer Week throughout the country, allow me the opportunity to give you a sample taste of what to expect on your next visit to

Craft Beer 101

If you're going to walk the walk, then you have to know the talk. Our new section on the microsite breaks down the idioms and expressions you'll be hearing in the plush booths at any of the breweries on our trail. For example - "bitterness" doesn't always have to mean anger or disappointment, and it especially doesn't apply to tasty craft brews. I'm talking about the "bitterness" that means a sharpness in taste and a complete lack of sweetness.

One of the defining characteristics of any craft beer is its IBU, or International Bitterness Units. Each beer is measured to determine how sweet, or lacking of sweetness, each brew tastes. See, how would you ever have known such a thing without visiting

Featured and Seasonal Brews

Changing seasons to the craft beer industry means a change in the offerings at the tap.  We're staying up-to-date by keeping an eye on every new brew offered in Northwest Indiana breweries with the changing weather. We will be welcoming the Dark Lord's return to Three Floyd's Brewpub and we'll keep you posted on supply of the Burnt Bottom Brown at Saint John Malt Brothers, Inc.

Check out what the featured and seasonal beers are at some of the region's favorite microbreweries each season -

Home Brewers

Who doesn't dream about being able to brew their own bubbly? Not only is there a great selection of craft breweries along the South Shore, there are also numerous home brewing suppliers. It's time to take a hobby to the next level. Here's where you can find your supplies to make the next great brew -

Brewmaster Interviews 

Where would Danielson be without Mister Miyagi? He'd be a Cobra Kai filet. The Brewmaster Interviews extension to our site is the perfect step to take for a home brewer to learn from the professionals making the delicious craft beer. Being a brewmaster requires a whole lot more than just taste testing the latest batch of beer to come out of the barrel. It takes time, dedication, passion and perseverance.

Check out what it takes to make taste buds sing -

You already know about the craft beer industry if you're reading this blog and that means you know all about samples. This blog is just a sample. Throughout the year we will continually be editing, replacing and adding new information to our South Shore Brewery Trail microsite. Consider us your one-stop shop for the latest news in the Northwest Indiana craft beer industry. Be sure to check back with our blog throughout American Craft Beer Week for news and updates from the breweries. Below is a quick ode to ye faithful enthusiasts.

Raise a glass and make a cheer/ Pity those without craft beer!