By Tom Dabertin

The Oak Savannah Trail is one of my personal favorites. The paved path starts at Oak Ridge Prairie County Park (301 South Colfax in Griffith). There is always plenty of parking available; it’s scenic, and has both under and overpasses to avoid major street crossings at I-65, Broadway and Cleveland. The path is multiple use, but bicyclists far outnumber joggers, etc. and people are always polite in yielding.

Length: The path itself is paved and is 9.5 miles long.

Connections: It connects to the Prairie Duneland Trail to the east, which is almost 16 additional miles of trail. On the west, it picks up the Erie Lackawanna from which you can go north towards Hammond or south to Crown Point; almost 18 miles in total length.

Facilities: There are bathrooms at Oak Ridge Prairie County Park, next to the trail as well as in Hobart.

Highlights: It crosses Lake George in Hobart, giving riders a beautiful view. The trail is lined with mature oak trees, and the trail is generally flat. There are plenty of straightaways for speed as well as some very nice meandering sections. It goes directly to Downtown Hobart which features great restaurants and places; I stop every time!

Shortcomings: Acorns can be a bit of a problem if riding in the fall, especially if you ride next to someone as the nuts go flying. The underpass at Broadway is prone to flooding, but otherwise the path is well maintained and safe. The bridge at Cleveland is a bit steep and narrow, but fun once you cross.