With the coming of spring is Easter, which means many local restaurants offer specials for Lent. Visitors and locals can find delicious seafood dishes throughout the region to satisfy their hunger; however, one of the most popular locations for an amazing seafood meal is Teibel’s Family Restaurant in Schererville. Amy and I recently went to Teibel’s with the Heartland Travel Showcase familiarization tour group, and boy was I happy to have had the opportunity to go.

As one of the group tour attendees said when we walked in to the restaurant, Teibel’s is the epitome of a supper club. The restaurant looks and feels very traditional and comfortable. Each room is beautifully decorated and perfect for hosting events. Our group was led to one of the smaller event rooms to enjoy a family-style dinner.

Our servers quickly began offering our group glasses of the house wines – a chardonnay and a merlot. The wines are made by Chateau Thomas Winery located in Plainfield, Indiana, and are exclusive to Teibel’s. I’m relatively new to wine, so I made sure to sample both. They weren’t too sweet or too dry. I really enjoyed them.

Our tables were pre-set with baskets of crackers and bread sticks, cheese spread and small dishes of tartar sauce. Now, I’m not a fan of tartar sauce, but seeing that dish made me happy because I knew it meant I would soon be enjoying some of Teibel’s famous lake perch.

After getting settled and started on the wine, we were asked for our preference on soup: clam chowder or chicken dumpling. Amy ordered the clam chowder while I went with the chicken dumpling. Amy was kind enough to let me sample her soup since I’ve never tried clam chowder before. Though I was a little hesitant, I found it to be pretty good! Both soups were creamy and served with bread.

Something unique to Teibel’s is their relish tray, which features a vinegar-based cole slaw, cottage cheese and pickled beets. The relish tray is an absolute must if you are at Teibel’s. I never thought I would be a fan of beets, but this relish tray is so delicious, especially if you mix some of the different items. I could make a meal out of the tray alone.

Teibel's Restaurant Fried Chicken

Following the relish trays, our servers began bringing out the main course: buttered lake perch, fresh fried chicken and velvety mashed potatoes with gravy. There is something incredibly special about Teibel’s lake perch and fried chicken. The recipes have been passed down from generation to generation, satisfying diners for the past 87 years. The fried chicken was super juicy and the breading was not overpowering. The lake perch was tender, flaky and lightly battered. I love squeezing some fresh lemon over my perch and dipping it in cocktail sauce, but many people also enjoy Teibel’s homemade tartar sauce. No matter how you like perch, Teibel’s will surely please.

Following the amazing dinner we were treated to bowls of peppermint ice cream. I took one bite and whispered to Amy, “I wouldn’t mind being left alone with a five-gallon bucket of this stuff.” I’m not ashamed to say that I’d eat a whole bucket of it without sharing. It’s seriously that good.

All in all, the dinner was a huge success. Paul Teibel even came out to talk a little about the history of this region staple. Paul explained that his great grandfather started the restaurant, which has remained in the same location through years, though the current building is the second for this family establishment. Paul also explained that they’ve made sure to keep a close eye on service throughout the years. That was evident because both of our servers were attentive, friendly and very helpful.

Whether you’re looking for a satisfying meal for Lent or a great restaurant to treat guests, Teibel’s Family Restaurant will provide excellent fare and a beautiful environment. They are currently running a promotion through March 31 offering two meals for $30. Diners will be able to choose a starter, entrée and side item from a special menu, and the promotion is available Mondays through Thursdays. Go there to enjoy homemade, home-style goodness!

Contributing Editor: Stacina Stagner
Former communications coordinator with the South Shore CVA.