There has been a lot of rain in this area these past two months. A lot of rain. Outdoor adventures I’ve been wanting to go on had to be put on hold. My poor dog has been so bored of late because of this. So, when I woke up last Saturday morning to sunshine, I had to take advantage of the nice summer weather. One of my favorite things to do with my dog is to go hiking and so we choose the Lemon Lake County Park in Crown Point, Indiana as our designation. 

Lemon Lake County Park bridge

About Lemon Lake County Park

Lemon Lake has 403 acres of land which make it the perfect place to go to for people who love to hike. Fun fact, it was dedicated in 1972 as the very first Lake County Park. Personally, I think that’s pretty cool because I love places that have a special historical importance to the area. The park also has a lot to offer. For example - five world class disc golf courses, barbecue facilities, fishing, a large playground, dog park, sand volleyball courts, shelters and picnic tables and summertime concessions. And, obviously, paved and unpaved paths for hiking. 

Lemon Lake County Park trails

Hiking Trails

My dog did the excited wiggle dance when she realized where we were as we pulled into the park. I popped the leash and collar on her, grabbed the backpack, and I let her lead the way with her nose. Quite a few groups of people were having parties under the shelters or trees and there were about seven people fishing quietly for bass. We first walked around the beautiful lake on the paved path which took us about 30 minutes. The tree branches above provided shade so we didn’t get too hot and they allowed rays of sunlight through to make the woods seem sort of magical. A young family with two little boys waved at my dog and we passed a group of friends having a guys’ day playing disc golf. 

Afterwards, we took the unpaved paths a little further away from the lake. These were a bit muddy because of the recent rains, but I actually went prepared by having my rubber boots in my backpack. My dog, of course, did not mind the mud. On these paths we saw so many deer tracks I felt for sure I’d see one, however, no deer spotting on this trip.

Lemon Lake County Park lake

Eventually, we circled back to the lake to relax and share a ham and cheese sandwich on a grassy hill with a great view of the shimmery blue lake and the very green landscape around it before leaving. 

I always know it was a successful outdoor adventure when my dog falls asleep in my car on the way home. And that is exactly what she did. 

Plan Your Visit

Lemon Lake County Park is located at 6322 W 133rd Ave. in Crown Point, Indiana and is open seven days a week 7am-7pm. There is a entrance fee when a gatekeeper is on duty.