No hiking boots necessary for these short but memorable walks along the South Shore. Find inspiration at the Shrine of Christ's Passion, remember our veterans at Community Veterans Memorial, experience nature at Centennial Park and walk back in time past the Century of Progress Homes.

A Walk of Reflection

The Shrine of Christ's Passion, St. John

Located in St. John is an interactive ½ mile winding path of reflection and inspiration at the Shrine of Christ’s Passion. Life-size bronze statutes are set along this tranquil setting representing the stations of the cross. Narrated recordings describing the scene are set along the beautifully landscaped grounds. More than 350 semi loads of boulders, clay and dirt were used to make this corner of northwest Indiana look and feel like the Holy Land. Plan your visit the The Shrine of Christ's Passion here.

Community Veterans Memorial Park

A Walk of Courage

Community Veterans Memorial, Munster

Set on 6.5 acres, the Community Veterans Memorial in Munster is dedicated to those who fight to preserve our freedoms. As you walk along the memorial brick pathway, along the history trail, you’ll learn about momentous events that impacted the United States. This detailed memorial features bronze and granite sculptures and monuments representing the major military conflicts that shaped the 20th Century. A walk at the Community Veterans Memorial is a provocative vision for peace that honors veterans who served and those that gave the ultimate sacrifice. Find out more about Community Veterans Memorial here.

Centennial Park Munster

A Walk in Nature

Centennial Park, Munster

Walk along formal gardens, take in a round of golf, or attend an outdoor festival with live entertainment at Centennial Park in Munster. This eco-friendly environment preserves the natural surroundings of the land and offers a serene space to enjoy the outdoors. Enjoy the roses, flowering shrubs and aromatic flowers set among shaded pergolas and small ponds in the gardens. Bring your clubs for golfing or enjoy a sunny afternoon with the kids at the playground. Visit for a list of seasonal festivals held at Centennial Park. 

Century of Progress Homes Tour

A Walk through Time

Century of Progress Homes, Beverly Shores

While many are drawn to the shore of Lake Michigan for the sandy beaches and to hike the dunes, others are drawn to the unique and historic architecture of the Century of Progress Homes. Five homes, that during the 1933 World's Fair in Chicago, depicted the future of the American home now sit along Lake Front Drive in Beverly Shores. When the Beverly Shores community was being developed, Robert Bartlett purchased the homes and transported them by barge across the lake from Chicago. Visitors can view the Rostone House, the Cyprus Log House, the Armco-Ferro House, the Florida Tropical House and the House of Tomorrow, just as thousands of fair attendees did in 1933. A trip to the shore is not complete without this quick walk through time. Learn more about the houses here.


If you're looking to add more trails to visit during your trip, there are plenty spread throughout Northwest Indiana including at the Indiana Dunes. Find out more about the trails here.