Erika Dahl, Director of Communications
Erika Dahl

Erika was the Director of Communications through August 2021 for the South Shore Convention and Visitors Authority.

Earth Day Along the South Shore

Celebrated on April 22nd each year is Earth Day. Although we should be mindful of our environment every day of the year, April 22nd is more of a movement to help inspire, challenge ideas, ignite passion and motivate people to action. Here are my top places in Northwest Indiana to be inspired by nature…

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Activities for your Zodiac Sign, Along the South Shore

Are you the type of person who checks your horoscope every day? Or do you just find the zodiac signs to be intriguing? Either way, we have the perfect blog for you to match up your sign with the activities you're sure to love along the South Shore of Lake Michigan! Element: Fire The presence of…

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Exploring the South Shore's Beach Towns

So you’ve decided to wander away from the beachesalong Lake Michigan to explore the South Shore’s beach communities. This short list of our picks of things to do and where to eat when you leave the beach should get you started…

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View Winter Meteor Showers in Northwest Indiana

It may be cold, but you can enjoy these meteor showers this winter in Northwest Indiana. To best see meteor showers as well as the constellations, you’ll want to head to the darkest sky possible. We recommend heading away from the bright lights of downtowns and city centers and let your eye adjust to the dark sky. While a telescope is recommended, you can also use a pair of binoculars to see comets, meteors and stars…

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Historic Marriage Mill Returns to Crown Point

Photo from the Lake County Historical Museum:Couples standing in line at the Clerk's Office in the courthouse waiting to obtain their marriage licenses (c1930). Years ago, Crown Point was known for its quickie no-wait weddings. Crown Point was aptly named the Marriage Mill, because it turned out countless weddings between 1915 and 1940. The reason? There was no wait for a marriage license. Couples from all over the nation came to the Marriage Mill, much like they do Vegas today and the Crown Point Courthouse is bringing the Mill back to life…

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