Zodiac Aries - Hiking

Aries: March 21-April 19

Element: Fire

The presence of Aries marks the beginning of something energetic in the Zodiac and Aries are continuously looking for competition, speed or action. Because they are willing to try new paths, they should look for activities to take on a challenge. We recommend a hike up the Dunes, specifically Trail #8 at the Indiana Dunes State Park. This hike, casually known as the 3 Dunes Challenge, will take you on challenging hike offering stunning views of Lake Michigan from Mt. Tom, Mt. Holden and Mt. Jackson. We also recommend a stop at Up Your Alley for a little competition. This facility offers something for all ages. Try hitting a bullseye with an axe in the axe throwing area or the traditional bowling game with your family and friends. Kids will love laser tag, the arcade and cyber sport, a combination of lacrosse and basketball played while driving cyber cars.

Zodiac Taurus Winery

Taurus: April 20-May 20

Element: Earth

A Taurus is very patient. They are most likely to enjoy activities that stimulate their senses and being surrounded by beauty. We recommend a wine or wine tasting tour in the South Shore. We have a number of wineries, breweries, distilleries as well as meaderies. A trip to one of the dozens of locations along the brewery or winery trail will be sure to stimulate the senses. We would also challenge the Taurus to spend the afternoon in nature with a camera. A great place to visit is Friendship Botanic Gardens to enjoy the gardens, statues and bells throughout the property.

Zodiac Gemni - Casinos

Gemini: May 21-June 20

Element: Air

If you have a Gemini in your life or are one yourself, you know they love to learn and are adaptable in a number of situations. They enjoy chatting and spending time with loved ones and rarely like being alone. They love music and a concert is a sound choice. The new Hard Rock Casino (opening soon) offers live entertainment as well as table games, slot machines and its very own Hard Rock Café. For an outdoorsy afternoon, we also recommend a Gemini grab a friend (or two) to enjoy a hike at the Indiana Dunes National Park. The Paul H. Douglas Trail (Miller Woods) will take you through several habitats including wetlands, dunes and lead you directly to a sandy beach.

Zodiac Cancer - Beach

Cancer: June 21-July 22

Element: Water

Cancers are often care-takers who are imaginative, loyal and tenacious. Often you’ll find them at home and with their loved ones. Cancers will also enjoy time away from their home enjoy a tasty meal or relaxing by the water. The South Shore has a number of restaurants to enjoy as well as miles of beaches along Lake Michigan’s shores. During inclement weather, we also recommend a trip to downtown Valparaiso or Crown Point for “treasure hunting” at the boutique stores to find vintage wares and handmade décor. 2 Old Goats Market is also a must-stop for treasures including repurposed antiques, workshops, artisan goods and much more!

Zodiac Leo - Art Galleries

Leo: July 23-August 22

Element: Fire

Another fire sign, Leos are creative, cheerful and love to spend time with friends. These natural-born leaders are self-confident and truly feel they are “king of the jungle.” Always after a good time, they want to spend quality time with their friends. We recommend an evening at the theater or art gallery to enjoy the arts. Lubeznik Center for the Arts has exhibitions year-round featuring nationally-known and local artists in a range of mediums and topics. For those that live here, we encourage our Leos to take an art class as well. Art Barn School of Art is a place of inspiration for creative souls; they offer classes for all ages as well as exhibitions for enjoyment.

Zodiac Virgo - Great Marsh

Virgo: August 23-September 22

Element: Earth

Virgos are known to pay attention to details and are often cautious and practical often enjoying hobbies that they can study. We recommend an outdoor adventure to the Great Marsh Trail. Here you can observe wading birds like herons and egrets as well as songbirds along this restored wetland. For more of a challenge we recommend an escape room adventure. Spend an hour with your family or friends escaping one of Locked in at the Lake’s challenges. You’ll be solving physical and mental clues racing against a clock to find the key to escape.

Zodiac Libra - Beach Glass

Libra: September 23-October 22

Element: Air

Cooperative and social are two words to describe Libras. They also like harmony and seek out activities and hobbies that are aesthetically pleasing. For our Libras, we recommend hunting for beach glass along the shore of Lake Michigan. Sea glass is weathered glass that has been tumbled by waves and currents for years. These beautiful treasures can be found in aqua blues, deep blues and frosty greens peeking through the rocks and sand along a number of our beaches. Learn more about beach glass from Dig the Dunes here and follow them on Facebook or Instagram to enjoy crafts made from beach glass (*seasonal) or pop into Lake Street Gallery in Miller for items made from beach glass found in the South Shore.

Zodiac Scorpio - Camping

Scorpio: October 23-November 21

Element: Water

Scorpios, passionate and resourceful people, are also determined. Their calm and cool behavior make them long-time friends. We recommend inviting your Scorpio friends to a night under the stars for camping and star gazing. They also enjoy music, so bring along a guitar or your favorite playlist. Camping at the State and National Parks put our Scorpios in some of the best locations to gaze up into the night sky. We recommend checking ahead for opportunities at these locations due to current restrictions. Scorpios will also enjoy a trip to downtown Crown Point or Valparaiso for walkable shopping experience to discover handmade jewelry, a vintage record or a unique gift for a loved one.

Zodiac Sagittarius - Kayaking

Sagittarius: November 22-December 21

Element: Fire

The fire signs often feel they need to be “in touch” with the world and explore as much of it as possible, Sagittarius is no different. They are curious and travel often, especially seeking out opportunities in the outdoors. Since they are also adventurous, we can recommend not only hiking, but kayaking or paddle boarding the lagoons and streams throughout the South Shore. We also recommend a visiting a nearby farmer’s market (*seasonal). Food tasting and live music is where you’ll find a Sagittarius enjoying themselves and adding to their life story.

Zodiac Capricorn Disc golf

Capricorn: December 22-January 19

Element: Earth

A Capricorn is often independent with plenty of self-control. They are also responsible and enjoy traditions with family and friends. Capricorns can enjoy bird watching throughout the area. The Indiana Dunes National Park’s unique landscapes attract hundreds of migrating and rare bird species, not to mention thousands of wildlife species and native plants. We also recommend traditional golfing or since Capricorns also like a challenge - disc golf! Lemon Lake County Park is one of the largest disc golf locations, with six courses, in the world! Disc golf is a sport played with a flying disc with rules similar to golf – throwing the disc at targets on a course and can be played year-round. Disc golfers at Lemon Lake are encouraged to obtain a map at the Flight Center (on-site) to see the most current course configuration.  For the Capricorn who likes to get crafty, take part in one of Sweet Home Indiana’s Craft Classes or take home one of their adorable crafting kits to add a handmade touch to your home décor.

Zodiac Aquarius - Spa

Aquarius: January 20-February 18

Element: Air

Aquarius are independent and often said to be shy; but they can also be energetic and friendly. They also have a need for quiet breaks to themselves and enjoy activities that are goal oriented. While we recommend a day at State of Mind Salon and Day Spa for some self-pampering, we also recommend geocaching. This outdoor adventure uses the Geocaching app to search for hidden containers around the world. Geocaching at the Indiana Dunes National Park is very popular and the National Park Service has details about their Geocaches and EarthCaches here.

Zodiac Pisces - Beach

Pisces: February 19-March 20

Element: Water

Water signs are naturally drawn to water and the South Shore is the perfect place to enjoy the sounds of the waves lapping on the shore. Choose a beach just right for you, whether you want to swim, soak in the sun or jog along the water’s edge. Pisces may want to grab a pole to fish the lakes, streams, creeks and rivers. Our waters are filled with bluegill, largemouth bass, carp, northern pike and more. Our Top 10 fishing spots are perfect for the beginner or avid fisherman/woman.  

Pisces are also intuitive and have artistic talent and we would recommend a live music performance. Find events here.


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