Enjoy some delicious, community favorites that celebrate the cultural melting pot that is Northwest Indiana, or as many locals refer to it: “The Region”!

Theo's Lemon Rice Soup

Lemon Rice Soup

Theo’s Steaks & Seafood, Highland 
Nothing gets locals through cold days like a warm bowl of Greek-inspired lemon rice soup. It's a savory blend of rice and chicken broth with the tartness of lemon, always served with a roll or bread on the side. Many locally owned restaurants in the region serve it, including Theo’s in Highland, and there’s always a debate on who has the best version. So go try a bowl and if you really like it, take a quart to go!

Miller Pizza Italian Beef

Italian Beef

Miller Pizza Company, Gary
Yet another topic of heated debate - where to find the best Italian beef sandwich in the region, including at Miller Pizza Company in Gary. Seasoned, sliced beef on a thick bun, piled high with mild or hot peppers, topped with cheese or drenched in juice - any way you choose, it makes the best lunch!

Pierogi from Grangers


Granger's at the Clock Tower, Hobart
With a region festival actually named for this Eastern European dumpling stuffed with a delicious variety of sweet or savory fillings, enjoying a plate of pierogi is a must for visitors wanting to eat like a local. Whiting’s Pierogi Fest in July is the best place to try these delights while enjoying this wacky event celebrating Polish heritage. But if you miss the fest, you can also order them at places like Granger’s at the Clock Tower in Hobart. 

Fair Oaks Farms Cheeseboard

Cheese Board

Farmhouse Restaurant, Fair Oaks
Agriculture is part of our Midwestern roots, and the Farmhouse Restaurant at Fair Oaks Farms makes the most delicious cheese and bacon! Their cheese board has a few of their dairy farm fresh, award-winning cheeses along with crackers, pickles, grapes and figs. Locals also love their bacon sampler with BBQ, black pepper and cajun bacon to try. 

Teibel's Lake Perch

Lake Perch

Teibel’s, Schererville 
Teibel’s in Schererville has been a Northwest Indiana staple since it opened here in 1929 as a simple, 12-seat highway diner. Their restaurant can seat quite a few more people now, but they still use the same fried chicken recipe their family brought over from Austria, and visitors still come from miles around for the unmistakable flavor of their famous boned and buttered fried perch.

Montego Bay Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Pineapple Upside Down Cake

Montego Bay Grille, Hobart
If you still want dessert after all this food, it’s time to enjoy some Caribbean-inspired fare. Montego Bay Grille in Hobart offers an amazing pineapple upside-down cake with an island rum sauce. Pair that with one of their tasty cocktails and some live music, and you’re set for the night!