Getting my crew outside and active is one of my goals every day of every trip. Indiana Dunes is breathtaking, really something to see. We visited Indiana Dunes West Beach trails as a part of a familiarization trip with Visit the South Shore.

Children walking down the West Beach trail's wooden stairs

If you love to hike, you’ve come to the right place. There are 50 miles of trails over dunes, wetlands, prairies, rivers and forests.

Indiana Dunes West Beach trails and wooden staircase

We chose this trail at West Beach for our first hike because it was getting to be late in the evening, and it is a relatively short hike.

View of Lake Michigan along the Indiana Dunes West Beach trail

It took us about 25 minutes to make it to the lake. And the great thing about this trail is that it loops around so the walk back to the parking lot after enjoying the lake is a very short one.

Indiana Dunes West Beach fun with kids

I say we love to hike. The truth is the kids usually grumble when I tell them we are going for a hike, but they always end up having a great time.

Boy in jeans walking on the Indiana Dunes West Beach sand

The boys especially loved playing in the sticks, sand, rocks, and water, but the girls loved it too.

Father and son skipping rocks on Lake Michigan at the Indiana Dunes West Beach

They all had a blast learning how to skip rocks, and it was here on Lake Michigan that a couple of the girls finally got the hang of it.

Boy tries to skip rocks at the Indiana Dunes West Beach in Northwest Indiana at sunset

The boys were reluctant to quit skipping rocks when the sun was going down and everyone else was ready to eat!

Indiana Dunes West Beach sunset through the trees

Lake Michigan is huge. I mean it’s like an ocean! My husband kept saying that. 😉 You can’t see across it. It’s really neat to experience. There are 15 miles of Indiana Dunes National Park on Lake Michigan. This one little trail is just a glimpse, but it was our first glimpse, and we will always remember it!

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