Marianne Lee - South Shore Ambassador
Marianne Lee, South Shore Ambassador

As a northwest Indiana resident my entire life, I've always enjoyed being out in nature and uncovering all that this area has to offer. There's always something amazing to do in the region whether it's cruising the endless stretch of area bike trails or riding the miles and miles of Lake Michigan’s lakefront. Viewing the urban decay and discovering the historical significance of area parks and monuments is always a passion of mine. My favorite way to explore is on a bike. I love the unique view I get from the bike seat, along with the added benefits of exercise and wind therapy.

When not out on my bike I work at a local high school helping students with math. In my free time I love to be outside working in my garden. I also enjoy crocheting, photography, traveling and sharing my view of this area with those around me.

Preservation Ride through Gary, Indiana

I recently had the opportunity to join the Decay Devils on a preservation ride through downtown Gary, Indiana. This group's mission is to help restore unoccupied historic buildings and landmarks, saving these gems from demolition. Our extremely knowledgeable tour guide and founder of Decay Devils, Tyrell Anderson, shared the back stories on many of the old buildings we pedaled past…

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