Lake County Parks has eight fun ways to get moving and get outside in Northwest Indiana!

1. Bust out your bike

Head over to Oak Ridge Prairie to access the Oak Savannah or Erie Lackawanna bike trails.

2. Head out for a hike

Did you know Lake County Parks has over 100 miles of hiking and walking trails? Find the park nearest you, throw on your boots and take a hike!

Sheep at Buckley Homestead

3. Say “hello” to a sheep

Get moving at Buckley Homestead and say hello to some of the park’s barnyard residents.

4. Birdwatch with the best

Join a Lake County Parks Naturalist at Gibson Woods every Wednesday in the spring and fall for a guided bird migration hike... You never know who might be flitting around the park!

Fishing at Lake Etta

5. Go fish

With seven parks to fish at, you’re bound to catch something this week!

6. Don’t forget your dog

After a long winter indoors, your pup needs to get moving, too! Four-legged friends are welcome on a leash at most Lake County Parks, or head down to Lemon Lake for an off-leash afternoon at Dogwood Run! Registration and an annual "Pooch Pass" permit are required for each dog using the facility - see the website here for details.

Bellaboo's Play and Discovery Center

7. Fun for the family!

Looking for a special way to get your kids up and moving? Visit Bellaboo’s! With indoor and outdoor play no matter the weather your kids will be ready for an early bedtime after a day full of PLAY!

8. Time to wind down

After your busy week, relax and unwind with a visit to the Conway Observatory (Southeast of Buckley Homestead) for National Spring Astronomy Day.

Even just a 20-minute walk in the park has been shown to improve concentration and focus, making Mondays a great day to get out and get moving!